Mathematics, Engineering & Physics Scholars (MEPS) Application 2016-2017

Mathematics, Engineering & Physics Scholars (MEPS) Application 2016-2017

The Mathematics, Engineering and Physics Scholars (MEPS) program at JU is a learning community of students majoring in Physics, Mathematics, Computing Science, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. The program is funded by both the National Science Foundation and Jacksonville University and includes scholarship support, faculty mentors, peer tutoring, study groups, opportunities for research, modeling competition and much more.

Participation in the program is competitive and based on academic ability and a strong desire to enter a career in the physical and applied sciences with consideration of financial need.

If you are selected you will be expected to participate in program activities and maintain an overall 3.0 GPA. Continuation of the scholarship is contingent upon majoring in one of the following fields (Physics, Engineering or Mathematics).

Applications due by April 1, 2016 for consideration for Fall 2016 scholarships.

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