Request Housing Accommodations

Request Housing Accommodations

Upload your documentation to request housing accommodations (including emotional support animals).

If you are requesting housing accommodations that do not involve an animal, please complete this form:
- Form to document a need for housing accommodations. This form must be completed by a licensed medical professional.

If you are requesting approval for an emotional support animal on campus, please complete the packet below:
-Packet for an Emotional Support Animal. Part of this packet must be completed by a licensed medical professional.

-This packet includes: Medical Documentation to be filled out by a licensed medical professional, the Residential Life ESA Policies, Roommate Agreement, and the ESA Emergency contact sheet.

You will also need to provide:
- Cover Letter. This is a letter, written by you, explaining your need for the animal, the type of animal, a description of the animal, and the animal's name.
- Veterinary Records. Must show up-to-date vaccinations appropriate to the animal.